Gender Reveal Starter Pack

Gender Reveal Starter Pack

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Gender Reveal Colours - Starter Pack

If you are having a gender reveal party and want to make it memorable. Then create your own gender reveal colour pack here.


2x Gender Reveal Cannons (Options Below) -

  • Cannon with just Holi Powder
  • Cannon with just Mylar Confetti
  • Cannon with just Tissue Confetti
  • Cannon with both Powder and Mylar Confetti
  • Cannon with both Powder and Tissue Confetti
  • Option for a single launcher (pink or blue)
  • Cannons identified with removable lable (if applicable)

2x  3min Smoke Emitters (Options Below) - 

  • 3min Smoke Emitter Pink
  • 3min Smoke Emitter Blue
  • 3min Smoke Emitter Pink & Blue
  • Emitters will be labelled B for Blue and P for Pink (if applicable)


  • Follow instructions on the launcher when ready for your big reveal!
  • Do NOT pierce the top with any powder cannons.
  • Please note, colour Mylar is not biodegradable. 
These party type favours are preloaded, one time use and disposable.
A simple twist of both halves is all that is required to activate. 


Please let us know during checkout in the 'Special Instructions' box if you require the colour to be concealed!

We have other gender reveal products for sale separately, aside from this gender reveal colour package.

SAFETY: Confetti Cannons are NOT A TOY! ALWAYS remember to apply common sense and never point directly at a person or animal.