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Confetti Consumables

Holi Coloured Power has arrived!

Throw by hand or launch using a confetti cannon. Made from non toxic cornstarch. Water soluble dye for easy clean up.

Red Holi Powder 500g Orange Holi PowderYellow Holi PowderGreen Holi PowderBlue Holi PowderPurple Holi PowderWhite Holi PowderBlack Holi PowderPink Holi Powder100g Holi Powder 7 Colour Sample100g Red Holi Powder pk10100g Orange Holi Powder100g Yellow Holi Powder pk10100g Blue Holi Powder pk10100g Green Holi Powder pk10100g Purple Holi Powder pk10100g Pink Holi Powder pk 1010kg Red Holi Powder10kg Orange Holi Powder10kg Yellow Holi Powder10kg Blue Holi Powder10kg Green Holi Powder10kg Purple Holi Powder10kg Pink Holi Powder
Glow Products

Glow Products Now Available!

Glow Stick (small)Glow Stick Large
Lighting Truss

Lighting Truss Products Now Available!

Lighting Truss 2m

Confetti Cannons, Confetti Systems, CO2 Guns, CO2 Jets, Bubble Machines and Flame Machines for Sale or Hire

Stage FX is the number one stockist of Confetti Cannons, Confetti Systems and Confetti Consumables in the country. Our international supplier base means we have the best quality confetti products from across the globe, available when you need them.

Whether it’s for a wedding, party, corporate event, awards night or school celebration, your guests will love it when your confetti cannon fills the air with spectacular effect or your confetti machine gently rains confetti like glittering snow.

Always in stock, always value for money

Why buy from us? Stage FX is a direct importer with an extensive confetti cannon range - we always have plenty of stock and we pass the savings on to you! In fact, we’re up to 87% cheaper than our competitors on some confetti lines!

Best prices on confetti cannons

You won’t find a better price for our confetti cannons. As manufacturers of our own brand, Stage FX offers top quality confetti cannons which can be refilled and reused time and again. Better still – you don’t need a license to purchase and operate them! So enquire today; you could be producing professional confetti effects tomorrow!

Nationwide Confetti System sales plus Confetti Cannons for hire in Brisbane.

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Confetti and Streamers

Gold Mylar Confetti 1KGSmall Confetti Cartridge 40cmMedium Confetti Cartridge 60cmLarge Confetti Cartridge 100cmBlue Mylar Confetti 1KGRed Mylar Confetti 1KGGreen Mylar Confetti 1KGPink Mylar Confetti 1KGBlue Mylar StreamersBlue Dissolvable Confetti 1KGRed Dissolvable Confetti 1KGWhite Dissolvable Confetti 1KGYellow Dissolvable Confetti 1KGMulticoloured Confetti Paper 1KGHeart Shape Confetti 1KGRed Rose Petals Confetti 500gWhite Rose Petals Confetti 500gMedium Electric Confetti Cannon 60cmPurple Mylar StreamersGold Mylar StreamersGreen Mylar StreamersRed Mylar StreamersLarge Electric Confetti Cannon 100cmWhite Tissue Paper Confetti 1KGGreen Tissue Paper Confetti 1KGRed Tissue Paper Confetti 1KGBlue Tissue Paper Confetti 1KGUS Money Confetti 1KGGlow Fluro Orange Confetti 1KGSmall Confetti Cartridge HeartsMedium Confetti Cartidge Rose Petals 60cmSmall Electric Confetti Cannon 40CM


Single Shot Confetti Cannon HIREStage FX Confetti UFO Machine HIRECO2 Confetti Blaster HIRESTAGE FX Handheld Cryo Blaster HIREContinuous Electric Confetti Blower HIREStage FX Confetti Stadium Cannon HIREStage FX Confetti Cartridge Firing Pod HIREConfetti Swirl Machine (MagicFX) HIREStage FX CO2 Jet (Pair) HIREBubble Machine HIREStage FX Confetti Cannon Light HIREStage FX Power Drop HIREStage FX Silk Flame Machine HIREFlamaniac HIRE


Single Shot Confetti CannonStage FX UFO Machine SmallCO2 Confetti BlasterSTAGE FX Handheld Cryo BlasterContinuous Electric Confetti BlowerStage FX Confetti Cartridge Firing PodStage FX Confetti Stadium CannonConfetti Swirl Machine (MagicFX)Stage FX CO2 Jet (Pair)Stage FX Confetti Cannon LightStage FX Power DropStage FX Silk Flame Machine


Stage FX provided the confetti cannons for my big day, and the wedding was a massive success, everyone commented on the explosions at the end. Thanks for making my wedding one to remember

- Sarah